Save Deschutes South Canyon for All!

Together we can create a different future for Bend

Goal: Protect the land between Brookswood and the Deschutes River as a natural urban green space with access for all.

A few reasons to protect the COID land as a park:

This land is the largest undeveloped open space remaining in the city of Bend near the river.

The entire community will benefit by keeping this special corridor, with cliffs overlooking the river and beautiful trails meandering through trees, undeveloped and available for public recreational use and enjoyment. Bend is a great place to live because of easy access to beautiful natural areas in town - sadly these areas are quickly disappearing - we should save this one!

Healthy Living

This property offers access to nature trails leading to the river providing opportunities for walking, biking, running, dog exercising, bird watching, fishing, shared family exploration, x-country skiing, snowshoeing, contemplative leisure, and more. During Covid-19, these trails saw increased use and provided safe open space for many people

Trails and Commuting Hub

The Deschutes River Trail-South Canyon Reach and Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail begin on this section of COID property. Trail users can connect to Larkspur Trail and Pilot Butte plus downtown and Old Mill. Many unnamed user trails wind through acres of trees, along the small canal, natural features, and river views which will be lost if development is allowed here. At a minimum we want to preserve the existing trails.

Protection of wildlife habitat in Bend

River corridors provide immensely important wildlife habitat. This habitat type is especially critical along the wildland-urban interface. Many species, such as songbirds, small mammals like chipmunks, deer, pollinators, and amphibians, rely on intact habitat for foraging, nesting, and travel corridors, in an altered landscape. Conserving areas like the South Canyon creates a network of linked habitats that ensure wildlife populations can thrive in a dynamic Bend landscape.

Take Action! Get involved!

  1. In 2020 a new Bend City Council was elected who pledged to listen to community concerns. Let them know that protecting this unique open land by the river is important to you and why.

    * Send an email to all City Council members at [email protected].
    * Make a public comment at a City Council meeting.

    * For City Council meeting information and a list of all councilors’ individual email addresses visit 

  2. Let the Bend Parks and Recreation Department Board know that you want a large open natural park in southwest Bend and why. How do you and your family use it? Does this area enhance Bend's livability and your life? Email [email protected]

  3. Spread the word on social media.

  4. Write an editorial comment to The Bend Bulletin [email protected] or The Source Weekly Help raise awareness! No one will care if nobody knows.

  5. Get your friends and neighbors involved, encourage them to take action.

  6. Support the proposal to revise the Tree Preservation Code:

  7. Volunteer: Please let us know how you might be available to help and if you have any special skills that you would like to volunteer or donate such as neighborhood canvassing, fundraising, social networking, website development, graphic design, other…

Join your neighborhood association!

NAs serve as a liaison to the City, can lobby for your interests, and are the best place to get up-to-date alerts regarding public input for meetings required before any master plans or code exemptions are approved. Three NAs border this property:  Southwest Bend, Southern Crossing and Century West. Sign up to be on their email list.

Help save Bend’s natural riverfront treasure!