Easy FERC Comments Guide


FERC (the federal agency that licenses hydropower plants) has invited public comment on Central Oregon Irrigation District’s (COID) request to narrow and possibly relocate the popular Canopy Trail off Brookswood. COID is in the final stages of selling land, including the beloved trail, to a local housing developer. The changes to the recreational trail that COID proposes do nothing to keep the trail “as is” or prevent the trees along it from being cut down during the upcoming development.

We can impact FERC’s decision.

Please file an eComment with FERC urging them to reject COID’s changes to the recreational trail. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1. Jot Down Your Thoughts
First, jot down why the Canopy Trail is important to you. As you write, keep in mind that FERC required COID to build a “scenic, recreational, environmental” trail for the public years ago. So mention these three words if it works with your thoughts.

Use your own words. For inspiration, here’s what we have heard from some trail users:

  •  I walk my dog on this trail every day and use it to get down to the Deschutes River.
  •  The trail is where I meet friends and build my community in the neighborhood.
  •  Walking the tree-lined trail gives me a shady place to walk in Bend’s blistering summer heat.
  • I bird here – there is great bird diversity around the trail that leads to the river.
  • I ride my bike on the trail all the time. It’s a safe place to ride to connect with the busier roads to get to work or shop downtown.  
  •  We are cutting down so many trees as Bend develops. I worry about the impacts of climate change from fewer trees like heat islands. If the developer cuts down tons of trees in other portions of the coming development, protecting this trail will keep mature trees that mitigate carbon emissions.

Step 2. Ready to File!
Click here to make a comment. You will find a form asking for your contact information. Fill in your information (your personal information will not be visible to the public.) 


Next, watch for a FERC email with a link to make your comment. 

    • Click the FERC link
    • In the Docket Search bar, type in P-3571-041. Select this docket by hitting the plus-sign button on the far right. 
    • Then, copy and paste your comments into the textbox labeled Comment. 
  • At the top of your comments in the text box, Type in: 
      Central Oregon Irrigation District
      Project No. 3571-041
  • Hit Send Comment.

 Presto, you’re done!

Step 3. Ask a Neighbor to Comment!
We want to show FERC how important the Canopy Trail is to the Bend Community. Ask all your friends to file a comment, too … before August 28th!


Thank you for your effort in trying to save the Canopy Trail.

Together, we can do great things for Bend!