What is this about?


Bend has a historic opportunity to protect a portion of the South Canyon, an area on the Deschutes River in southwest Bend, by creating a new park much like Shevlin Park or Riley Ranch.

This property is currently used as a natural recreation area by many Bend residents and visitors. The Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) owns approximately 150 acres of land where they operate a piped canal and power station.

Part of this COID property is apparently in the process of being sold for development.

The Threat:

Potential development of this area will not only mean loss of wildlife habitat and a popular recreation site, but could also reduce the livability of surrounding neighborhoods.

Traffic will increase along the already congested Brookswood and Reed Market roads. Neighborhood streets that could be affected include Milo, McCellan, Woodriver, Rock Bluff and Powers.

Looking at other new developments we can expect wholesale tree cutting of hundreds of mature ponderosa pines, rock blasting, and bulldozing in the area.

This would be a loss for all Bend residents.

Who we are:  

Save Bend Green Space (SBGS) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization that began as a grassroots group of neighborhood volunteers who care about what happens to the very special Deschutes River South Canyon natural area. SBGS recognizes the value of green space in an increasingly urban environment.

The specific purposes of Save Bend Green Space are to:

  1. promote and improve natural open spaces throughout the City of Bend, Oregon,
  2. advance good environmental stewardship of lands and water,
  3. support smart growth policies for communities in Central Oregon,
  4. promote carbon sequestration through tree preservation, and
  5. reduce heat island effects through preservation of green space.

This group came together out of a shared determination to protect this natural resource for our community and to benefit future generations.

It is important to make our voices heard early while there is still a chance to protect this land.